Flatbed Vehicle ShippingFlatbed vehicle shipping services are not nearly as common as open or enclosed shippers, but they’re an integral part of the auto transport industry and are crucial to shipping many different types of vehicles. However, as important as it is, it’s not really talked about much by auto transport companies, and as such a lot of customers don’t really have a full understanding of what flatbed vehicle transport is exactly and how it differs from open or enclosed. In this helpful article we’ll dispel some of the mystery surrounding flatbed vehicle shipping and how you it can impact your auto transport experience.

Perhaps the main reason why customers don’t know a lot about flatbed vehicle shipping services is the fact that they aren’t readily available. Unlike open auto transport carriers, which are by far the most common auto transport trucks on the road today, flatbed shippers don’t haul standard-sized vehicles. No, typically flatbed auto carriers will haul oversize vehicles that can’t fit on standard auto transport trucks or inside an enclosed container. Enclosed auto transport carriers don’t have a lot of room on either side of the vehicles they ship, so if your vehicle is wider than a normal car, truck or SUV, you’re going to probably need a flatbed shipping truck. We recommend flatbed vehicle shipping for anyone looking for recreational vehicle shipping services, that’s for sure.

When you’re searching for auto transport, typically you’ll have the option when you’re compiling your quotes of whether or not you want enclosed shipping. Most people opt out of it because of its higher cost, but nonetheless it’s an option that given to you up front. Flatbed auto shipping services, however, have to be determined after a quote is made; every vehicle is priced according to what it is and what the going rate to move it would be on your specific route, but if you don’t specify you want quotes for enclosed auto transport shippers, you’re going to get quotes for open transport if the vehicle can fit and flatbed transport if it cannot.

Flatbed transportation services are typically more expensive than standard auto transport, but that’s because if you need flatbed transport services your vehicle is either too large or too heavy to fit on a standard carrier. Prices will reflect just how large it is, and if your vehicle is larger than a large pickup truck or cargo van, it’s best to have the dimensions of the vehicle including its approximate length, width, height and weight. Most measurements can be found online, but you can also get them yourself with a standard tape measure.

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